WEINIG ProfiRip 340: The smart concept for profitable cutting


A strong platform, whether as an optimizing rip saw or multi-blade rip saw. Well-equipped in the standard version and with a range of intelligent options. The robust construction and solid pressure unit lay the foundations for optimal material transport and cutting results. The use of special saw blades allows glueable cuts to be produced whether ripping or edging. The extraordinarily powerful circular saws allow the most difficult materials to be processed. Even large thickness variances in the raw material (incoming goods) pose no problem.


Different requirements - different prices

The price of a WEINIG machine is just as individual as your requirements are. Therefore, let us discuss briefly what is most important to you – you will then receive our preliminary, non-binding quote.

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Personal advice

Personal advice – for higher productivity and greater efficiency

Together with your WEINIG expert you will find the ideal machine for your requirements. Simply submit the completed form, and your local WEINIG expert will be happy to discuss all further details with you.

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The WEINIG ProfiRip series provides

  • High performance potential
  • Maximum stability and productivity — even with extreme loads
  • Glueable cut
  • Outstanding user-friendliness
  • SafetyPlus anti kick-back device
  • Can be optimally integrated into system solutions
  • Up to 6 movable saw blades

The WEINIG ProfiRip 340 provides

Technical Details

Double-sided prism guide

The double-sided prism guide of the feed chain is completely play-free. The accurate workpiece transport that this achieves is a prerequisite for precise cutting results. The specially harmonized alloys also guarantee a long service life of the feed system.

Moving blades: Unlimited flexibility


In terms of ripping, changing timber widths, qualities and defects mean average wood losses of 8% with a standard fixed arbor setup. The RaimannLine moving blade technology ensures efficient use of the raw material. With up to four movable saw blades, you can adapt your ProfiRip individually to any rough board.

Optimizing wood recovery in this way reduces your material and warehousing costs significantly. In other words, wood optimization means cost minimization.

The almost unlimited possible combinations of fixed and adjustable saw blades also decisively increase the flexibility of your production, thus enabling just-in-time and small batch production.


Thanks to the patented Quickfix solution, machine retooling is quicker, simpler and more convenient than you have ever experienced before. Loosen hydraulic clamp by hand. Insert wood samples. Move saw blades on the shaft. Clamp hydraulically. Done. No bushing, no spacers, no tools.

Options for extension

RipAssist: Automatic width optimization

RipAssist means you can make optimal use of your raw materials more easily than ever before:

Learn more


TimberMax 5.0: How optimizing is done today

The TimberMax 5.0 optimization program allows you to extract the most out of your raw materials.

Learn more


Monitors the load on the saw motors and regulates the feed in case of potential overload. That way, you are always in the green zone.


Further information


Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

Brochure ProfiRip 340 (PDF, 609 KB)