Safety Information

Dear Valued Customer,

Weinig and Holz-Her USA offer a wide variety of woodworking machinery that is designed to give maximum benefit for processing wood products. These systems include moulders, grinders, feeders, optimizing saws, infeed systems, outfeed systems along with material handling systems. As safe use of all of our machinery is of utmost importance to us, we have included herein information pertaining to the safe operation of this equipment, which we strongly suggest you review with all of the supervisors, operators, and other personnel that may be working with, at, or near these types of equipment.

Weinig considers the ongoing efforts for providing safety to operators of its equipment an important part of the introduction of machinery into the workplace. We remain ready to offer any help to our customers or others for insuring a safe working environment. To assist in this effort we are working to constantly evolve our safety program to be as comprehensive as possible. We have prepared a complete safety package that is available to your company, at no charge. It is described below. You may contact any member of the Weinig team to receive such a package. Additionally, you are welcome to use the Safety Manual within this site and our Safety Data Sheets for your own use, and for distribution to your employees.

At the time of sale of all equipment, decals and warning labels are affixed to the machine before it arrives at your facility. Along with the arrival of the machine you should receive a Safety Manual (To CE standards, DIN ISO 9001) as well as an Operator's Instruction manual, and a Parts manual. If either of these items is missing, please notify us at once by calling 704-799-0100. Additionally you may reference the Safety Manual on this site for your own use, and for distribution to your employees. If for any reason you no longer have the original Operator's Manual we will provide one to you for a nominal fee. Please reference the machine model and serial number when ordering for use in identifying the correct manual, as these operator's manuals are machine specific.

Safety Information Downloads

We provide operator training for up to 3 employees within the warranty period "free of charge" to those who purchase new equipment from us. Your company is encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity for training at our facility in Mooresville. Training is scheduled on a "first come first served" basis. The only restriction would be availability due to class size limits. Please contact our Training Department for details and schedules. To schedule training please contact us at 704-799-0100. Other training opportunities are also available. This training can be structured to fit specific needs, upon request.

At any time you can receive a Safety Package developed for your machine simply by requesting it. These packages are provided at no cost to you and contain very valuable safety information including selected warnings that have been designed especially for woodworking equipment. Warnings, decals and labels that are ANSI approved, along with a diagram for suggested placement on the equipment, a letter of introduction explaining the importance of these items, as well as a new Safety Manual (CE) are contained in this Safety Package. At any time if the labels on your equipment become faded or illegible please request new ones and affix them to your equipment as soon as it is noticed. We ask that the labels be positioned in a place most likely to achieve the maximum awareness of anyone that my come near the machine. The diagram suggesting possible placement may be of help to you in selecting the most appropriate locations for affixing these labels and warnings. This very simple activity can help insure the safety of your personnel.

You may request an inspection of your machine to review the operation of your safety features. In addition to the recognized safety features of the machine, it is additionally important to perform proper maintenance on your machine to assure safe use. Periodic general maintenance including lubrication and cleaning is essential. A maintenance schedule should be prepared with adjustments for varying work use time (multiple shift usage). Our technical department is available to answer your questions concerning appropriate maintenance measures.

A periodic review of all safety features on your machine is highly recommended. Our service technicians are available for general mechanical and electrical inspections. Please contact our service department for a fee schedule if you wish to schedule such a visit. Please make sure that all safety hoods, guards, covers, and limit switches remain in place and are fully operational at all times. Do not remove, defeat, alter or change any device intended to provide safety. Also, it is important to repair or replace any missing or defeated safety guards. We will be pleased to answer any questions that you or your employees might have about the safe operation of your machinery

The Weinig Group continues to develop and introduce state of the art woodworking equipment. As we go through that process we will continue our efforts to stay abreast of the most current safety features and activities.