WEINIG Gluing presses: The production process of the future

Glue solid wood and increase your added value! By increasing the depth of production but also by possible processing scrap wood.

We are continuously developing and improving our systems and machines to meet your needs of your production process. For an optimum added value, panels are produced perfectly aligned as a result of an intelligent pressing process. This helps save material, minimizes post-processing and saves you money. In addition, the glue is applied in a very precise way, which helps to save glue and to reduce cleaning. This guarantees a smooth and secure production process. Automatic feeding systems and high frequency technology that reduce curing times, e.g. for PVAc, to a minimum, are provided as standard.

A variety of applications – from floorings to traditional furniture and DIY panels to mini beams - WEINIG offers you the perfect technical solution out of its portfolio of gluing presses.

All machines can be optimally equipped for each individual application. This includes, for example, various gluing systems, pre-cutting solutions, mechanizations and equipment for modern glue systems.

WEINIG ProfiPress L II

WEINIG ProfiPress L II

The compact high-frequency gluing press for industry and trade.

  • Multiplication of the daily capacity compared to manual gluing
  • Extremely efficient input of high-frequency energy in the glue joint.
  • Extremely user-friendly and maximum flexibility
  • Mechanization and automation solutions are available as options.
  • The best gluing and panel quality
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WEINIG ProfiPress L

WEINIG ProfiPress L

Intelligent gluing technology setting new benchmarks

  • Highest flexibility - for lot size 1
  • Individual pressure elements
  • Movable stop guide
  • Extremely efficient input of high-frequency energy in the glue joint.
  • Mechanization and automation solutions are available as options
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WEINIG ProfiPress T

WEINIG ProfiPress T

Perfectly adjusted, the upper mid-range

  • Efficient even with small batch sizes
  • Unlimited panel width possible
  • Optimum machine utilization at all times as a result of a system that is not dependent on width
  • Low post-processing as a result of minimum additional sanding
  • Modular combinations possible - even after purchase!
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WEINIG ProfiPress C

WEINIG ProfiPress C

The very best. Non-stop high-performance

  • Very high performance potential
  • Perfect surface quality
  • Maximum precision of machine and end product
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • Best integration into existing, productivity-enhancing WEINIG system solutions
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Beste Stimmung in Moskau: WEINIG Vertriebsvorstand Gregor Baumbusch (rechts) und Angara Plus Geschäftsführer Vladimir Kashishin (2. v. l.) freuen sich mit dem Team über die Fortschritte des Projekts

Angara Plus from Bratsk, Siberia, manufactures solid wood components for furniture production on a large scale. The company recently commissioned its second fully-automated production line. WEINIG Concept designed the tailor made solution.

The Russian wood sector is characterized by complex requirements. Tailoring industrial systems requires partners who understand project business. WEINIG Concept is a proven specialist in the field with a worldwide reputation. Something Angara Plus also appreciates. Having been very satisfied with the fully-automated production line for solid wood panels purchased in 2013, the company also turned to WEINIG as its first choice when it came to expanding its operations with a production line for finger-jointed products. What was required was a complete process ranging from checking wood humidity and cutting out defects to cutting fixed lengths, finger jointing, block gluing and destacking. The complete provider WEINIG was able to present a convincing solution. This included the integration of the ultra-fast OptiCut 450 Quantum optimizing cross-cut saw, the EasyScan+ 200 C scanner system and two Powermat moulders that deliver particularly high performance. The centerpiece of the production line, however, is the Turbo S-1000 short timber finger-jointing line with an output of up to 200 parts per minute. The process stage is completed by a ProfiPress C 6100 L high-frequency press. Naturally, the entire automation comes from the WEINIG Group. The production line is designed for 300 production days per year. To achieve maximum machine availability, the production line was equipped with a remote maintenance system. This allows the WEINIG technicians to assist where necessary without having to travel.

Photo: High spirits in Moscow WEINIG CSO Gregor Baumbusch (right) and Angara Plus Managing Director Vladimir Kashishin (2nd left) celebrate the progress of the project with the team

Source: Holz-Zentralblatt

Boxes from the Contipress at Holliger

WEINIG Referenzen

A glance into the production hall at the Holliger Group proves that pallets and boxes do not always equal lower quality. At Villmergen in Switzerland they have invested in a top-quality and efficient production line. - including a panel press for the push-on frames.

Growth in Romania - ProfiPress T glues panels for the Oktoberfest

WEINIG Referenzen

Very few visitors to the Oktoberfest would guess that the beer tables and benches, which often witness late-night dancing and frivolity, are now made in Transylvania. Because of the massive demand for this hard-wearing furniture, the manufacturer, Bucin Mob, invested in an endless gluing and pressing line from Weinig so that they could product the solid wood panels more efficiently.

The ProfiPress L II impressed the Geschützten Werkstätte Integrative Betriebe Tirol GmbH with its work safety and simple operation.

WEINIG ProfiPress L II

“85% of our employees have a physical limitation, a mental disability or a learning difficulty, therefore it is extremely important to have simple operation!”, explains Georg Hechenblaickner, Marketing and Sales Manager of the Geschützten Werkstätte Tirol. “The most important thing for us was to keep the panel production flexible. It was also important to be efficient and to have process reliability, this is possible with the ProfiPress from Dimter!”

Ready for the future with solid wood panels.

WEINIG Referenzen

Since 2001 the hardwood sawmill owner Walter Ohnemus has been running a cutting line. In 2011 he dared to take the next step towards further processing: solid wood board production in Kappel-Grafenhausen with the ProfiPress T 3500 from Dimter.