EnVision Software

Ensuring maximum flexibility for on-demand production

We believe that true Industry 4.0 technology lets shops integrate their machinery for flexible, user-defined, on-demand production. Our EnVision software allows you to do that

EnVision is a full production system that allows users to manipulate and define their products and connects with all your Weinig and Holz-Her equipment.

  • True parametric joinery for your entire product, including door stiles, rails, inserts, etc.
  • Preview of DXF drawings instantly 
  • Easily customize dimensions, materials, and more of end products
  • View full break out of the entire Bill of Material and cut-list
  • Create and customize labeling for components
  • Generate all code needed for both solid wood and panel processing
  • Integration with Weinig's PowerCom profile catalog

Discover the Benefits

EnVision software streamlines your production process by eliminating the need for WIP and staging material. BOM's are dynamically created and optimized by connecting all your Weinig and Holz-Her equipment. Producing exactly what your finished product requires in the most effective way.

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Visual Browsing

Users are able to create a completely personalized catalog of templates that fit their product catalog. Templates are assigned a simple visual graphic (also defined by the user) so that selection is easy and user-friendly.

Product Editing 

Once a template is selected, the user is able to edit variables on that product, such as component dimensions, material, quantity, etc. Users have complete control over which variables are editable on each template.

Bill of Materials & Label Generation

Once the user defines variables for the part, EnVision will provide a complete Bill of Materials visual preview. The user can also design and create labels for their components by choosing what information is printed on the label and how.

Complete Machine Integration

Whether it is G-Code for a Holz-Her panel saw or an optimized cut-list for a Weinig rip saw, EnVision will take care of it. Once the is template selected and the variables defined, the software will create the most profitable machining solution.