Width cutting and optimization with WEINIG: Get more out of your wood.

Do you want to trim raw wood, split beams and boards into fixed widths or variable widths? WEINIG can offer machines in all performance classes that you can use to make fundamental improvements in your productivity and minimize wood waste when cutting. User-friendly circular saw and solid band resaws enable you

  • Highest running meter performance
  • Optimum material yield

For even higher productivity and profitability you can choose from intelligent system solutions, optimization software and mechanizations.

WEINIG products and solutions for width cutting

For width cutting, the WEINIG product portfolio offers the following multi-blade buzz saws with fixed arbor setup (fixed saw blades), multi-blade buzz saw with automatically adjustable saw blades, circular rip saws or band resaws.

WEINIG ProfiRip series


High-performance multi-blade rip saw for all requirements.

  • High performance potential
  • Maximum stability and productivity — even with extreme loads
  • Glueable cut
  • Outstanding user-friendliness
  • SafetyPlus anti kick-back device
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WEINIG FlexiRip series


The longitudinal circular saw for flexible cutting in operations from the small workshop to industrial series production.

  • Efficient and powerful ripping
  • Optimum material yield
  • Comprehensive safety concept
  • Can be integrated in pre-cutting systems
  • Innovative mechanical engineering
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