WEINIG Unimat 300: High-quality profiling with sophisticated machine technology.


The WEINIG Unimat series offers an excellent price-performance ratio combined with outstanding quality. This is certainly true of the Unimat 300, which features ideal machine technology for high-quality profiling work. The standard version offers all essential components to achieve this and is also suitable for producing small batches.

The Unimat 300 was designed with the objective of producing a profitable solution for small and medium-sized companies that do not require the full flexibility of the WEINIG options package. The Unimat 300 is, therefore, the ideal machine for those who value quality and reliability in standard equipment.


Different requirements - different prices

The price of a WEINIG machine is just as individual as your requirements are. Therefore, let us discuss briefly what is most important to you – you will then receive our preliminary, non-binding quote.

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Personal advice

Personal advice – for higher productivity and greater efficiency

Together with your WEINIG expert you will find the ideal machine for your requirements. Simply submit the completed form, and your local WEINIG expert will be happy to discuss all further details with you.

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The WEINIG Unimat series provides

Technical Details

Intelligent use of tools


When profiles are changed frequently, the tools must also generally be changed just as frequently. This setup effort can be significantly reduced by the intelligent use of tools. Owing to the large axial adjustment of the vertical spindles, several profiles can be combined in one knife. This makes the profile change even simpler, safer and quicker since, rather than changing the tool, you only have to adjust the axial dimension of the spindle position accordingly.

Memory function


The memory function is the ideal upgrade to give your machine even greater flexibility. The memory function allows you to store the setting values of the machine for your profiles at the push of a button and to retrieve these at any time. The electronic double display on the front side of the machine displays both the target and actual values. Setting up your machine could not be quicker or easier.

Options for extension


Automatic lubricant pump

Secure transport of the parts through the moulder is an essential requirement for high levels of machine availability.

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Reduced roller distance

Secure guidance of the workpieces through the machine is essential for producing accurate profiles.

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Areas of application

Profiled mouldings

WEINIG Anwendungen

Our core competence


Profiling mouldings of all types has always been WEINIG’s core competence. Profiling includes a wide range of end products that nevertheless set the same challenges for machine technology: high levels of profile precision with excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.

WEINIG technology is always setting new standards in this area. The basis for this are the solid machine bases with precise machine tables and the fence at exactly the right angle to this. The superiority of the WEINIG machines is seen overall when dynamics are brought into the equation: spindles with high true running accuracy, a strong feed system and the corresponding pressure elements.

The perfect interaction of these components guarantees smooth transportation in a defined position through the machine. The result is the legendary WEINIG quality of your products: high profile precision, excellent surface quality and regular cuttermarks.

4 sides planed

WEINIG Anwendungen

Perfectly right-angled work pieces

Wood is a natural material and that influences the requirements that are involved for processing it. Wood can contain defects, it can be bent or warped. For many applications, therefore, e.g. for furniture, it is essential that the work pieces are planed on all four sides. The key thing here is that the work pieces are accurately straightened and that they have perfect angles after being processed.

This may sound easy, but in many cases it is not, because the production precision of the machine has a significant influence on the quality of the end product. You can always rely on the famous WEINIG quality. WEINIG offers many different solutions, from manual to fully automatic operation and from machines for occasional use to machines in continuous shift operation.

Further information


Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

Unimat series product brochure (PDF, 3 MB)

Technical data

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