Weinig moves tool production to Tauberbischofsheim

Weinig has relocated the part production of machining tools for its planing and profiling machines from Switzerland to Tauberbischofsheim.

With this step, the complete tool competence of the world market leader in solid wood processing machines and systems is now concentrated at the company headquarters. The development and construction of all tools as well as the production of special tools has already been based here. Apart from higher efficiency, the reorganization has also had an impact on employment: 12 new jobs were created as a result of the expansion of production. We are delighted that our strategy of site concentration is also benefiting the people in the region, said a satisfied Weinig CEO, Wolfgang Pöschl.

The machine for the production of the tools were more or less transferred from the works in La-Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. Behind this sober fact is a complex logistical operation which, after an intensive planning phase, involved the dismantling, transport and subsequent reinstallation of the many steel giants. A total of roughly 200 tonnes of machinery and workshop equipment were transported with 19 truck loads. Nevertheless, the machines were back in production in a minimum of time. These were machines and systems for turning, milling, broaching and grinding as well as various workstations for the assembly of the tools. Depending on the type, the tolerances for production are just a few hundredths or even a few thousandths of a millimeter, reports Marco Heller, head of the profit center Production at Weinig. The precision of the tools is the guarantee for the exceptionally good processing quality of the Weinig machines. For example, the patented PowerLock tool machines at speeds of up to 12,000 rpm, allowing a higher running meter performance with even better surface finish of the workpiece compared with conventional tools.

The machining tools are used in the company's core products, the planing machines and moulders. As world market leader in machines and systems for solid wood processing, Weinig has a high demand for high-quality machining tools. Some 80,000 planing and profiling machines are in operation with wood workers from trade and industry worldwide. For 40 years, tools, tool grinders and moulders have represented a unit that secures our unique selling proposition in the market, says Wolfgang Pöschl, underlining the importance of the system competence for Weinig. By concentrating the tool segment in Tauberbischofsheim, we are strengthening this position. Since the relocation of production, more than 4,300 precision tools in 525 different versions have already been manufactured in Tauberbischofsheim. Production performance has been significantly improved compared with that at our Swiss site. The order intake for tools also shows a clear upward trend since the relocation of production. We are confident that the decision in favor of Tauberbischofsheim will give the site noticeable economic impetus, says Wolfgang Pöschl, commenting on the development.


The production of precision machining tools makes high demands on man and machine