Unimat 23E-05

1999 Weinig Unimat 23E-05

-Unimat 23E-05  1999 year Model

-Working Capacity:  9 1/16” width X 4 ¾” height

-Spindle Diameter:  1 13/16”

-Spindle RPM:  6000

-Feed Rate:  Variable – 18 – 78 FPM

-Voltage:  440

-Feed motor:  5.5 HP

-1st First Bottom:  10 HP

-2nd Right:  20 HP

-3rd Left:  20 HP

-4th First Top:  20 HP

-5th Second Top:  15 HP

-6th Second Bottom:  15 HP


-Reference Engraver on 1st Bottom

-Reduced Distance feed roller at Right Spindle

-ATS – set-up system for width and thickness (2 axis positioning controller for left and top radial adjustment).


Location: Kansas City, MO Schutte Lumber Co.

Selling Price: $25,000
Contact: Don Obergoenner
Phone:  (314) 406-5503

Unimat 23E-05 Front Hood
Unimat 23E-05 Infeed
Unimat 23E-05 Back
Unimat 23E-05 Serial Plate