4x the performance

Better performance – at less cost

Even the Dimter Line OptiCut S 50, cuts up to four times faster than manual cross-cut saws, and with half as many workers. (Operator testimonial)

The centerpiece is the unit comprising the saw, positioning system, controls and software - everything from a single source. This enables you to fully automate the process stages of - transport, positioning, clamping and cross-cutting of a variety of infeed materials. Naturally, there is no set-up time when changing incoming goods. Automating your cutting guarantees reliably high daily performance and production quality. The high flexibility of the OptiCut S Dimter Line models is not least attributable to the "manual cutting" function in each case. This makes business sense whether you achieve full daily output with fewer saws and personnel or whether an employee only has to dedicate part of his working time."