EasyStop: Increase Your Efficiency & Precision

Positioning your material has never been easier!

The Weinig EasyStop is a linear positioning system that allows you complete flexibility while ensuring precision, power, and quickness. The EasyStop can position even the heaviest loads with unmatched accuracy reducing your handling costs and providing a safer and more  efficient work environment.

The EasyStop rises above its competition because of its reliable precision coupled with its power. The positioning stop can accurately move material for in-line cutting up to 132 lbs. This means the operator can be safer and faster as they do not need to continually re-position heavy pieces of material.

EasyStop Advantages

  • Repeatable Accuracy +/- 0.1mm
  • Travel Speed up to 39 in/sec
  • Workpiece Weight up to 132 lbs
  • A truely flexible tool that can be incorporated with chop saws, radial arm saws, drill presses, mortise or boring machines, and more

Technical Details

Intuitive Operation

The simple, intuitive operation and input takes place via the OptiCom 7“ touch screen. This clear presentation shows all information at a glance and guarantees rapid learning regardless of CNC skill level. Cutlist options - production lists can be created quickly and easily on the operator panel or simply transmitted via USB or  Ethernet connection. The reading of barcodes is an option also available.

Active Workpiece Transport

The Active Workpiece Transport mode aligns your workpiece quickly and accurately at various lengths taken from your cutlist. After defining your cutlist the EasyStop starts at a loading position and then transfers the workpiece to each desired cut without needing dimensional input from the operator. EasyStop compensates for the machining width of the cutting tool so your cuts are precise each time.

The Stop System

The Stop System operating mode replaces one-off manual stop positioning. The workflow remains the same - enter the desired position, align the workpieces against the stop and machine the workpiece. The time-consuming activity of measuring and manually setting your stop is completely eliminated with this automatic positioning system.

MillVision Integration

So you would like to have a better idea of where your parts are? Has the job been completed? MillVision not only allows you to control what parts and jobs need to be cut, it allows you to manage the process. By posting a simple part list to MillVision, your operator will be able to view this list and begin the process without any paper, or manual entry that may inadvertently induce human error. Whether you have 5 EasyStops, or 1, MillVision allows shops like yours to create a complete workpiece flow across multiple machines and processes.

Further information

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