WEINIG BK60/BK80: The robust and modern band resaw as a single or twin band saw with a feed speed up to 80 m/min.


Better wood recovery, more effective chip extraction, improved user-friendliness - the new BK series band resaws open up a whole new range of prospects.

The intelligent PC controls make operation fast and convenient and offer a range of adjustment options. And the perfect interaction of the new feed unit with fixed fence side, the movable, freely positionable saw units and the sensor-based measurement allows you a free choice of how the inserted timber should be cut.

For example, into one, two or three identical pieces. What this means for you is a significant increase in options, resulting in versatile and profitable production. However, one thing remains constant: high reliability in accordance with strict quality standards and the premium service of a world market leader.

The WEINIG BK60/80 provides

  • Solid and robust construction
  • Bevel-cut device
  • Excellent performance potential
  • Strong and positioned saw blade guidance
  • Energy-efficient chip extraction
  • Completely electronic drive
  • Directly driven flywheels
  • Programmable settings with wood optimization
  • Convenient operation with IntelliCom Touch Panel
  • Maximum work safety incl. dust and sound-proof enclosure

Further information


Simple, fast and sustainable: more details in a downloadable PDF document.

WEINIG BK60/BK80 product brochure (PDF, 2 MB)

Technical data

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