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Weinig Unimat 500 moulder for profile and planing work

   Unimat 500


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The Unimat 500 - With new control technology

The Unimat 500 moulder can be equipped with more horsepower and larger cutting circles for deeper profiles. With 8 available models equipped with from 5 to 8 spindles, your Unimat 500 can be configured for almost any application.

For short-run production, the Unimat 500 comes equipped with the WEINIG Memory System. Precise, fast and repeatable production runs with exacting precision and minimal setup time. Once a profile is produced and its measurements stored, recalling a profile is as simple as dialing a phone.

With the optional PowerCom System and motorized spindle positioning, your Unimat 500 can be a fully computer-controlled machine for the short runs and difficult setups that are the norm for today's production demands.
  • Solid cast iron frame

  • Large horsepower motors available

  • Sound and safety enclosure

  • Spindle brakes standard

  • Control systems from simple Memory System to full CNC Windows-based control with networking

Weinig Unimat 500 planer moulder for profile work in small woodworking shops

Planing to profile change is very easy and quick


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