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The line of moulders that made Weinig famous has been simplified into 4 series of machines:

The Unimat Series. Machines with large capacity and small footprint. Designed for smaller shops or larger plants with small runs or specialty production. Extremely easy and safe to operate, even with little or no experience.


Specialized models are available in the Unimat Series for non-standard production requirements, like plastics or very small parts requiring special elements.

The Powermat Series. A revolution in moulder technology. With the patented PowerLock tooling system that incorporates the "spindle" into the cutterhead, changeover is accomplished by just pushing a button. No spacers, no wrenches, no mistakes.

Double the feed speed, double the production with unsurpassed surface quality. You owe yourself a look at the wave of the future.

The Highspeed Series for high speed production. From the flexible Hydromat 1000 up to the fastest moulder in the world, the Hydromat 6000, the time-proven technology of jointing for multiple-knife finish quality is enhanced with setting and monitoring systems available only from the Weinig Group.

Unimat moulders are the best selling line of profile machines in the world.
Unimat Series

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A WEINIG:
100% Quality
You can rely on WEINIG equipment for the solid wood processing industry. Highest machining and production procedures, continuous and innovative development and superior quality without compromises are trade marks of WEINIG. The experience from having over 80,000 machines in the field is something you only find with WEINIG.
Reliable machines made by WEINIG
WEINIG woodworking machines are top-of-the-line products. Our design engineers have over 1,200 man-years of experience in solid wood processing. This, you only find with WEINIG. The manufacturing is performed with the most modern technology available for all WEINIG products in all production facilities. The high safety standards of WEINIG are verified and certified worldwide. Each machine that leaves any one of our plants conforms to these standards.
Consultation without ifs and buts
Through our certified Sales Representatives, you receive professional advice and care right from the beginning.
In addition to our sales force, experienced WEINIG Experts are ready to assist you with any questions or challenges you may have, before, during and after the sale.
Our Service Team is ready
Our goal is to reduce machine down-time to a minimum. When a machine leaves one of our plants; it is by no means
the end of our relationship. A large group of competent service technicians world wide will help you in your language. All members of the service team are continuously trained by factory experts. WEINIG factories and subsidiaries guarantee that your machine is ready for production all the time, world wide.
All from one source
We offer you everything that is required for solid wood processing. Ripping, cross-cutting, planing / moulding, scanning and optimizing. Through our ongoing research and development and product additions, you are always up-to-date with the latest technology.


Profile knife grinding service for woodworking machines

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