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Rondamat 960  profile and straight knife grinder for woodworking machinery

   Rondamat 960


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The Rondamat 960

Our most popular knife grinder is distinguished by its precision with knife-to-knife tolerance below 0.005mm!

Required for use with high speed jointed machines, the ease of use and ability to produce fine detail is unsurpassed in the industry.

The time-proven system of wheel dressing, knife position and geometry built into the Rondamat 960 is now enhanced by the ability to grind PowerLock heads!

The standard grinder is well equipped, but additional packages are now available.

  • Automatic straight knife grinding.

  • Carbide package with reversing grinding wheel.

  • Comfort package with motorized adjustment of the grinding angle and wheel distance and pneumatically-controlled side clearance.

  • Most models are equipped with a simple innovation that eliminates the need for a straight knife template.

  • Packages can be combined all the way up to and including automatic re-grinding of profile knives.

The innovative Hydro-grip wheel arbor is now standard on the Rondamat 960. Changing grinding wheels is a snap with no more wrenches and tapered arbors.

But PowerLock heads are not all. With the supplied adapter shaft, you can grind your existing heads, whether they are smooth bore or Hydro heads. The perfect step into the PowerLock revolution, since a single grinder will handle both old and new tooling. Changing from PowerLock to conventional heads is as fast as changing from one PowerLock head to another.

The same template and knives can be used for both PowerLock and conventional heads. If you have existing templates and knives from previous generations of Weinig grinders, they will fit perfectly into the Rondamat 960. The ultimate in flexibility for shops with existing machines that have added a Powermat to their production.

The famous Weinig Axial Constant System is a standard design function of the grinder and works the same on both conventional and PowerLock heads. Half of the adjustments on the moulder are eliminated and the cost is zero.

The Rondamat 960 produces and re-sharpens any type of knife material, from High Speed Steel to Stellite and carbide whether inlaid carbide blanks or the premium quality DoubleBack Carbide Knife System available from Weinig.

The accuracy you have always expected. Just faster and easier with the new Rondamat 960.




The Rondamat 960 is available with more options than any other grinder in the world.

Time proven components for grinding tolerance required for jointed and high speed moulders.

The axial constant system costs nothing extra and saves grinding time and setup time immediately!

The template controls the finished knives for absolute repeatability of profiles.


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