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Weinig Rondamat 168 combination grinder for profile and straight knives and face grinding.

   Rondamat 168


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The Rondamat 168 - Grind all kinds of tooling

The Rondamat 168 Universal Knife grinder is the entry level in the Rondamat Series.

A full package of grinding capability at an attractive price. You can re-sharpen straight knives in the head, and also grind carbide or other material in solid heads that must be ground on the face of the knife.

Completely indexable, the Rondamat 168 can also grind some saw blades and router bits, as well as fingerjoint cutters in some configurations. It comes with indexing discs for most standard tooling.

An ideal choice for starting a grinding room, or in addition to a regular profile knife grinder when some of your tooling requires face grinding.

Simple and easy to operate with very little training or experience, the Rondamat 168 comes to you equipped with everything you need to start grinding your own tooling immediately.





Rondamat 168 universal knife grinder for all types of cutterheads.

Face grinding of solid cutters and back grinding of corrugated heads.

All tools and accessories required to grind knives are part of the package.


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  R168 Applications

R168 Grinding Straight Knives
R168 Face Grinding
R168 Grinding Saw Blade

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