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Dimter optimizing chop saws and crosscut machines


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The OptiCut Series from Dimter

It's no big secret that cross-cutting optimization is one of the processes where profits can be gained or lost. In the past, it was also one of the most difficult areas to track data relative to actual yield and waste. Not any more!

Dimter is the division of the Weinig Group that manufactures optimizing cross-cutting systems for all applications, including fixed length cutting, random length cutting, defect removal and full optimization. Dimter has been building cross-cut saws for over 25 years and has grown into the world leader in the market.

The range of saws available from Dimter is the most comprehensive in the world. From the compact and simple OptiCut S35 for small shops with varied requirements up to the fastest cross-cut optimizer in the world, the incomparable OptiCut 450 Quantum - with acceleration 3 times faster than a Formula 1 race car and saw cycles in the blink of an eye.

There are models designed for already profiled products and mouldings, as well as for very wide and thick products, even beams weighing over 350 lbs each! All with the speed and efficiency you need.

But just making the mechanical parts of a cross-cut saw is not enough. Innovation in the control of a process like this requires electronics and software that are matched for this purpose.

The OptiCom Direct interface is solid state genius. Developed in-house for our machines, it has features not found elsewhere. For example: Can other companies offer a computer program that "learns" as it runs to speed up the saw stroke? No moving parts and standard networking protocols make it both reliable and flexible.

Dimter holds more patents for innovation than any other cross-cut saw manufacturer in the world. The patented automatic movable waste gate opens to keep the defect pieces off the sorting belt, and closes again to transport even very short good pieces to the sorting line and it is all done in milliseconds!

Making our products expandable for the future is also a basic design priority in the OptiCut Series. Start with as much machine as you need now, and then add options for the future: from board width measuring all the way up to high-speed automated scanners and color matching.




Wood optimization with automatic crosscut saws
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Automatic chop saw control system
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