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The New Uniline Series moulders from WEINIG
A revolutionary manufacturing and assembly strategy lets you own Weinig Quality at a price that fits in today's market. Don't settle for less. You can own a real Weinig moulder at a price comparable to used machines.
The CombiScan+ from Luxscan
Engineered from the ground up to be flexible and modular. The ultimate in rip scanning, crosscut scanning, color matching and sorting. Get the equipment and sensors you need now, and add other optional scanning features later, as you need them!

SafetyPlus - Revolution in rip saw safety.
Raimann introduces the ultimate in anti-kickback technology for the safest rip saw in the industry. Also retrofittable to existing Raimann rip saws.
Millvision Pro software for linking production processes in the woodworking industry. MillVision Pro - Take control of your manufacturing process.
From order entry to shipping, let MillVision Pro create a transparent manufacturing environment that allows you to make the best decisions for an on-demand market.
The Dimter OptiCut 450FJ+ optimizing crosscut saw designed especially for fingerjointer block production.

The Dimter OptiCut 450 FJ+
A new development in high-speed crosscut saws with special engineering designed for the fingerjointing industry. Very short pieces at incredible speeds. Fast enough to feed a fingerjointer directly!

OptiCut S700 optimizing crosscut saw and router for processing I joists.

OptiCut S700
Saving material, saving money and saving time are crucial to a healthy bottom line, and the OptiCut S700 will save all three when working with engineered I-joists. Optimizing, angle/bevel cutting and hole routing are just some of the many features on this saw.

Weinig Powermat 1000 is the new leader in profile moulder performance.

Powermat 1000
Standards redefined - the Powermat 1000 leads the way in innovation.

The Grecon ProfiJoint is the fingerjointer made for small and medium sized companies.

ProfiJoint Series
Use one person to turn your waste into valuable long stock! A fingerjointer designed for small to medium-sized companies, the ProfiJoint is a completely new machine concept with an excellent price/performance ratio.

The Dimter OptiCut S90 optimizing chop saw sets new standards in crosscut optimization and flexible production.

OptiCut S90
The DIMTER OptiCut S90 Dimter push feed cross-cut saws have achieved a new standard with the S90 Series. In addition to full optimizing abilities, the S90 emphasizes accuracy, speed and handles large cross section products with ease.

Dimter OptiCut 450 series optimizing crosscuts saws are a cut above the competition.

OptiCut 450/450XL
The OptiCut 450 series through feed cross cut saws are a cut above the rest. With many unique features Dimter is delivering quality, accuracy and high output to customers who want to improve their efficiency and yield.

Raimann ProfiRip KM310 rip saw is a lot of value in a small package.

KM 310 Series
RAIMANN ProfiRip KM 310 Series: A lot of rip saw in a compact package. The patented Quickfix arbor is standard. Available with 1 or 2 moving blades for flexibility and efficiency.

Valu-Rip optimizing systems let you get the most out of your rip saw.

Valu-Rip Optimizing Systems
The premium method of handling your rough mill operations. Complements any of the Raimann ProfiRip Series rip saws. Easy to use, and Valu-Rip solutions are upgradeable. Produce the best material, in the right quantity, at the right time.

Profile knife grinding service for woodworking machines

Brochures for woodworking machinery sales service


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